Monday, October 2, 2017

Marketing Series: Think Outside the Box

When it comes to marketing your books, think outside the box. Yes, everyone does bookmarks, websites, business cards, but what is unique about your book that you could use to draw attention?

For fiction writers, draw on your characters' personalities, hobbies, hometown, occupation, or idiosyncrasies to create a contest or marketing memes.

Create a float for your town's homecoming or Christmas parade and ride in it as one of the characters. (With a book cover image plastered boldly somewhere on the float or car!)

If your character likes to cook or is a foodie - or even a klutz in the kitchen - write a series of blog posts with some of that character's favorite recipes (or goofs) - even if they're not in the book.

Make the characters come to life through behind-the-scene glimpses into their lives.

For nonfiction writers, tap into your book's themes to create some of your marketing. If your theme is a social issue, check calendars for national awareness days and build some of your marketing around those days. Even if you don't write about social issues, check out the "national days" calendar to see what topics might fit your book and your message and have fun with it.

Use art, videos, symbols, costumes, unique key phrases, locations (yours) or settings (your character's) to reach readers in unexpected ways. Seek out groups that might be interested in having you speak on your theme - they may even allow you to set up a book table for sales and autographs after your talk. (Just don't use your speech to promote your book.)

Tap into your own hobbies and interests to attract readers with similar interests. One awesome author I know travels frequently. One part of her platform revolves around her travels - and her characters' journeys, too. Readers know that when they pick up one of her books, they'll be transported all around the world as the story unfolds. Another incredible author is a hometown girl, and she shares her hometown as part of her platform. When readers pick up her books, they know they're going to get a hometown family feel (even in the midst of chaos!)

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