Services & Rates

We've posted price charts in the past, but because each book and each author is different, we're doing away with those charts. We keep our prices fair because we are authors and editors ourselves. We offer all our services individually or as a bundled package with special discounts.  

We work with each author on an individual basis, depending on his or her needs and budget. 

E-mail Tracy with details of your project and she will give you a customized quote.

Bundled packages of services start at $999.

* Authors retain all rights to their books.
* We encourage author participation in the publication process - we value your input because we care about YOUR vision for your book. We answer any questions you might have, and help you understand and learn the process.
* We offer coaching services to get you from scribbled notes to published book.
* We offer payment plans to fit your budget and your schedule.
* We offer steep discounts on book purchases to allow you room to make a profit when you sell books in person.

***DISCLAIMER: The Publisher reserves the right to refuse to publish 
any book at any time for any reason.***

79 Years A Preacher

We're pleased to announce the release of May the Work I've Done Speak for Me, Volume One,  by Graham Q. McGill, editing and compiled...