Monday, October 26, 2020

Latest Release: The Grumpy Puddle

We're thrilled to announce our latest release, The Grumpy Puddle, written by Tammy Abernathy and illustrated by Deirdre Burnside.

About the Book:

"Is the sky grumpy at me?"

Thunderstorms can be quite scary for young children. For Anna, the storms not only frighten her, they interrupt her favorite activity — playing outside with her toys. 

One day, she is playing outside with her mother when a thunderstorm approaches. She grows quite apprehensive at the sight of the lightning and the sound of the thunder and dubs the sky “grumpy.” 

After the storm passes, it leaves a large and wonderful puddle by her house, and with the help of her mother, Anna learns to sort out her fears and anxieties regarding storms and has some spectacular adventures in The Grumpy Puddle.

About the Author:

Tammy Abernathy is a children’s book author and freelance editor. She has a passion for writing children’s books relating to science to help kids understand our wild and wonderful world.

Tammy has a BA in English with a creative writing minor and spent a semester of independent study putting the final touches on “The Grumpy Puddle” with Dr. Lloyd Kropp, an award-winning author, composer, and professor. She changed majors several times while completing her undergraduate degree, affording her a very quirky mix of classes ranging from advanced biology and chemistry to children’s literature.

As a child in West Texas, Tammy was fascinated by thunderstorms. Later, while living in the Midwest, her young daughter dubbed a puddle on the street “grumpy” after a particularly severe storm. The personification of the puddle was the whole inspiration for “The Grumpy Puddle.” Tammy wrote it to help young children understand the beauty and science behind thunderstorms. Her wish is for children to develop an appreciation for weather events while overcoming their fears of lightning and thunder.

You can always find her by a window during a thunderstorm, watching the lightning show and scouting the skies for tornadoes. In her spare time, she enjoys training her papillons to compete in agility.

The Grumpy Puddle is available in paperback, hardcover, and on Kindle, and is available on Amazon and most major booksellers by request. 

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