Monday, February 27, 2017

New Memoir Releases in Print, on Kindle, and in Large Print

We're excited to announce our latest release, Finding His Strength: An Orphan's Journey to Healing and Wholeness by Estelle H. Herndon.

Finding His Strength, which has already landed on several Amazon Top 100 lists, is available in three formats: print, Kindle, and large print.

Essie's story is powerful and poignant - and I've never admired anyone so much for being willing to open herself up the way she did in this book. The woman is remarkable, and her story will change lives - and she gives God every bit of the glory. He redeemed her life so beautifully after man tried to destroy her. May God use her mightily!

About the Author:

Estelle “Essie” H. Herndon, is a Christ Follower, wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and prayer warrior. She has worked alongside her husband, Robert, as his paralegal for over forty-seven years.

Essie is active in her church. She teaches with her husband in Bible studies and leading small groups, helping with Women’s Ministries and Grief Ministries, from youth to young married adults.

She is also active in her community, having served on various boards over the years.

Her family and friends are her hobbies. She and husband Robert enjoy traveling which has included Georgia football games. She and brother Robert meet almost daily for breakfast.

She truly tries to please God in her daily activities, always remembering where she has been in her past and how God has worked in her life for His Honor. She lives in Georgia.

Loving life. Free in HIS strength!

Finding His Strength is available at Amazon, and at most booksellers by request.

Large print

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