Tuesday, May 14, 2024

79 Years A Preacher

We're pleased to announce the release of May the Work I've Done Speak for Me, Volume One, by Graham Q. McGill, editing and compiled by Alma L. Carr-Jones.

Tennessee pastor Graham Q. McGill has been preaching for 79 years.

May the Work I've Done Speak for Me is a collection of his timeless sermons, outlines and sermonettes that offer wisdom, guidance, and challenges for today's modern church.

Bro. McGill also includes two Marriage Ceremony examples with his sermons.

The collection will be published in two volumes - this is the first volume, with the second volume releasing later in 2024.

About the Author: 

On October 1, 1927, a baby boy was born to the union of Edmund Lewis and Laura Lee Wallace McGill of Duck River, Hickman Co., TN. The baby was later to be known as Graham Quitman McGill.

He grew up on a farm, attending church and elementary school in the Center Star community. He attended O.H. Bernard High School in Centerville, TN and finally to Nashville Christian Institute in Nashville, TN.

By the time he went to NCI, he was already preaching on a limited basis. But at NCI he took some special studies and began preaching on a more regular basis.

His preaching career, having spanned some 79 years, has covered a wide area, beginning with congregations in Middle Tennessee: his home church; Ft. Cooper, Primm Springs, TN; Arrow Rock, Williamsport, TN; Gaines St., Lawrenceburg, TN; Columbia Ave., Centerville, TN; Dry Fork, Hampshire, TN; Pleasant Union, Hampshire TN; Burns Spring, Columbia, TN; Broadway St., Mt. Pleasant, TN; Allison Ave., Hohenwald, TN; Linden, TN. His labors later spread to Martin, TN; Union City, TN; Kenton, TN; Paducah, Ky, Brookport, II; and St. Louis, MO. Through his efforts, the church in Kenton had its beginning. He also established the church in Kellar, VA and helped in establishing congregations at Hohenwald, Linden, and Booker Ridge, Hampshire. More than half of his preaching career has been spent at Vine St. Church of Christ in Union City, Tennessee, where he has been since 1971.

His work has carried him into 25 States and numerous cities. He has appeared on National and Local Lectureships and has been involved in Radio and TV broadcasting. Hundreds obeyed the gospel through his teaching.

Wherever he has lived he has been involved in civic and community affairs.

From the back cover:

A poem by Alma L. Carr-Jones:

Just a Country Preacher

He says he is just a country preacher

Who does what he can to reach the masses

But we look upon him as a friend and teacher

Who educates many through various Bible classes.

Graham Q. McGill

Minister, brother, advisor, and friend

He’s traveled over this brotherhood

Of ours, time and time again.

“May the Work I’ve Done Speak for Me”

Is his favorite song 

Well, friend let me remind you

That your song is being sung 

One precious verse at a time

So, are you daring to emulate Him

By living right, caring for, and teaching mankind?

As Brother McGill would say

Get and stay prepared, in order

That the work you do and/or have done 

Will speak for you 

When the last verse/chorus 

Of your work has been sung.

About Alma L. Carr-Jones:

 Alma L. Carr-Jones, born in Memphis, TN to Lula M. Carr, a preacher’s daughter, says she never dreamed that her words would be used to give the masses hope in such times. She makes her home in McKenzie, TN, living out her life's motto of, "Doing What I Can, While I Can with Care." 

Alma is a retired educator, and minister's wife who has been spoken of by her former colleagues and church members alike, as "having a heart of gold." Since she has retired from teaching, she says that to breathe is to write, cook, and crochet. Though she can write whatever is asked of her, she prefers to write words of encouragement for mankind and words of praise and thanks to the Lord for His love of mankind. 

Alma is a successful author who has produced 12 books to date, the latest of which is Excelsior, poetry of praise and inspiration. Most of her books are available as audio books. Alma attributes all that she has accomplished to GOD, and this belief is reflected in the silver medallion that she wears around her neck. 

Through her work as an author/poet, Alma says that she is proclaiming her love for GOD, His love for mankind, and her love for her fellowman by shouting from “the tallest mountain in her world.” Since she is a firm believer in Isaiah 50:4, Alma infuses hope and encouragement in her work.

Alma's books can be found on her Author Page.

Monday, May 6, 2024

Submission Deadline Extended for Two Anthologies

Due to a special request by a couple of support groups, we have extended the deadline for our two upcoming cancer anthologies to June 15, 2024.

But we now have covers to share!


Cancer Warriors, Survivors, and Caregivers
send us your stories to inspire, encourage, and strengthen
those in the midst of their own battles.

Submission requirements:

  • Submit your story in a Word document, attached to an email, and send to info@TMPbooks.com, with the subject line CANCER WARRIOR or CAREGIVER ANTHOLOGY SUBMISSION. Be sure to put your name and contact information on  your document.
  • 500-2,000 words in length
  • Written in first person (I, Me, My)
  • Offer hope, encouragement, or tips to help other cancer warriors, survivors, or caregivers.

Contributors retain all rights (granting us permission to publish) and will receive a byline, bio with headshot, and print and Kindle formats of the published book. Contributors may also purchase books at a steep discount to resell, if they wish, and will have the opportunity to participate in future group book signings and other marketing events.

Deadline JUNE 15, 2024.

79 Years A Preacher

We're pleased to announce the release of May the Work I've Done Speak for Me, Volume One,  by Graham Q. McGill, editing and compiled...