Reviews from our Clients:

Several years ago, Tracy Ruckman helped me publish two children's books. She made the process pleasurable and educational. Not only is Tracy an excellent editor and publisher but she's a wonderful teacher. 

I learned just how patient and thorough she is recently when asking her to edit my new book Ballerina in the Box. I had so many questions about self-publishing and she answered them all in detail. I loved how convenient she made it to communicate and how quickly she'd reply. I highly recommend Tracy for any of your book editing and publishing needs. 
Dana Morgan Murphy

What sets a company positively apart from others is whether you feel like you are treated like a number or a like a person; TMP Books / Tracy Ruckman, treat you not only like a person but like family! Why is that? I believe it is because we are all on the same side. A publisher, coach, and guide who is deeply rooted in the Faith of Jesus is one of inclusion, handholding, and walking alongside. The purpose is to promote wholesome, God-fearing messages to the world. Like a mother who wants to see her children succeed, Tracy is a professional, skilled at what she does at TMP, who wants you to succeed with your book.

TMP is a place of encouragement, passion, and professionalism. Tracy will help to hone your book to be its best because she sees its potential impact; she is passionate about this and will be honest with you along the way so your best is completed. Tracy gives TMP its describing word: integrity. She sees work through to completion because of her desire to have you shine like a light in this dark world.

My experience working with Tracy at TMP Books is one I recommend to you if you want your words put into professional book form in every sense. You will be totally satisfied and grateful working with Tracy at TMP! 
Sheryl Holmes

We worked with Tracy and TMP Books for several months while we finished editing our book. She was incredibly helpful with editing suggestions as well as several other areas that allowed us to finalize our book and get it published. She was very patient through the entire process, which was new to us, and she walked us through step-by-step lending her insight and expertise. She provided a very helpful PDF which allowed me to publish the book on Amazon easily, and she provided necessary promotional assets that we could use to further promote the new book.

We had so many questions along the way, and Tracy was there to answer them in a timely, professional manner. We can’t thank her enough for her assistance in this process. We couldn’t have done it without her.
Richard F. Gringeri and Lynn May-Gringeri

Tracy Ruckman and TMP Books, where do I begin? I call Tracy Ruckman the answer to a prayer. Here’s why. Several years ago I published what I thought was a good book with what I thought was a reputable company, but as it turns out, they were not.

What did I do? I did what I always do in times of unfair, intolerable stress. I prayed to my GOD, my FATHER for help. But this time, I prayed for a publisher with a kind heart who would appreciate my book, and the untold number of books still resting inside of me. 

I have been walking as a Christian long enough to know that there are no coincidences in life. So when I asked a fellow Christian author if she knew of a publisher who would be kindhearted enough to take on an unpolished but a sincere hearted author, her response was, “Tracy Ruckman.” 

I must admit I did not expect much from Tracy because I had been conditioned not to expect much from publishers. As a matter of fact I had just about decided that I would just put my books out there and let the Lord do with them as HE would.

But Tracy with TMP books changed all of that! She possesses all of the skills and know how that I need in a publisher to include help with editing, formatting, and navigating through the little tricks of the trade since she was once a traditional publisher.

She will give you her best in that she will edit, polish, and make your book the best it can be, should you decide to go with Tracy and TMP Books. She is everything I knew in my heart that I needed for my book; she was tailor-made for me because she came as the answer to a very heartbroken sincere prayer that I uttered to my FATHER! 

So as I say in my books, “God will!” And if you are a writer with a story that must be told, you will find that Tracy Ruckman is all about that! So, you think I am passionate about my experience at the hands of Tracy Ruckman and TMP Books, just you wait and see how you and your books fare under her hand. You, too, will sing her praises, because as someone once said, “Excellence is its own reward!“ GOD will!
Author of: 

Tracy Ruckman published my first picture book series six years ago. Since then she’s edited, published, and marketed my recent books also. Working with Tracy is an experience that enriched my life—my writing life and my spiritual life. She guided me through edits, taught me about POV, and guided me through my journey of publishing, and all with the patience of Job. If you need an editor, publisher, marketing expert, and friend, Tracy is the one for you. Her talents never cease. And, all for reasonable prices and excellent advice in all avenues of your writing and publishing. Tracy will exceed your expectations in all areas of your needs for producing a polished work. I highly recommend Tracy for all your writing and publishing needs. You won’t be disappointed.
Author of:
The Really Rare Rabbits Series for children in English and in Spanish
Hooray for Holidays Series for children
Dancing Like Bees, a devotional
Shape Your Soul, a devotional

Getting our book published through TMP has been nothing short of a dream come true.  

Six years ago, a friend and I decided we would write and illustrate a children's book not realizing the difficulties that arise once the work is completed. We went through countless rejections, with little reason as to why, and finally concluded our best option would be to publish it ourselves.  

Unfortunately, the majority of the self publishing companies I found online seemed more concerned with cashing a check than supporting our work, which nearly drove us to give up on our dream.  

By a chance encounter with Tracy, we were introduced to TMP books. Tracy gave us feedback on our work BEFORE I had even agreed to publish through her company and for the first time I was interacting with someone who cared more about getting our book on the open market rather than getting paid.  

The process of publishing with TMP books could not have been easier and there was constant communication along the way.  

We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Tracy and TMP books and HIGHLY recommend them to anyone interested in making their dream of publishing come true.
~ Mister Brock and Stephen Low
Author and Illustrator of A Dog and His Bone

Tracy and TMP Books were amazing. She guided the book publishing process and gave very good suggestions, but always valued my decisions.
She worked with a new illustrator and did a beautiful job guiding her. 

I highly recommend Tracy and TMP if you wish to publish!
~ Mary T. Jacobs, Author

After spending years writing a book, it's hard to turn it over to someone else. But Tracy and TMP books treated it like the precious creation it was. With her guidance, I polished it until it shone, and then she turned it into a real book, with a cover and pictures and a blurb on the back. I can hold it in my hand and know that I've produced something that God can use.

Every writer needs the kind of support provided by TMP. I recommend the whole range of services - editing, formatting, publishing, marketing and whatever else you need. But especially the editing. I've seen how she can help you turn a mediocre work into something worth reading, and she does it while encouraging and supporting you as the author and creator.

If you're thinking about self-publishing, consider TMP. You won't be sorry.
~ Phee Paradise
Author of A Sincere Heart

You gave me exactly what I needed to get God's Love out. How you put up with me was a GOD thing in itself. Thank you for your patience, wisdom & knowledge in helping spread HIS Strength. Everyone has a story and mine took almost a lifetime. Could not have done it without your encouragement. May HE shower you with Blessings and His Favor. 
~ Essie Herndon

TMP Books has helped make my dream come true.  For years, I’ve been working towards publishing my story.  Deciding on a publisher was a difficult decision until I saw another book from TMP Books.  After talking with Tracy, I felt this was the best way to move forward.  Tracy was extremely helpful with all of my questions, and I had a lot of them.  If you are looking to bring your story to life, you will not be disappointed with TMP Books.
~ Julie Landon
Author of The Little Voice


Tracy Ruckman and TMP Books helped me realize a dream today. Two Christian children’s books that were written and illustrated years ago now have finally been brought to life. 

An Orphan Named Eva and Mommy Tell Me About Heaven are both now available to purchase on Amazon.

Tracy was always extremely professional and knowledgeable.  I appreciated her expertise and suggestions. She was also prompt in answering all my questions and would follow up with an e-mail. 

My books were published in a few weeks for an affordable price.  I would certainly recommend this company to anyone seeking to publish their writing.

~ Dana Morgan Murphy 

From a Facebook post we asked to share:

I highly recommend TMP Books.

In the last couple of weeks, I've had friends ask me about self-publishing. I'm not against self-publishing. I'm against predator publishing. I'm against predator self-published writers (the ones who publish garbage and stink up the entire industry). I love and celebrate well-written self-published books, especially those from established authors--because those are the ones I'm most likely to read. I do have friends who have written some great books and have chosen the self-published route. I also know they have studied the craft and know how to create a story.

Some folks just need a little help with edits and with formatting, and with the little tricks of the trade. If a writer has done his or her homework, he or she knows that self-publishing isn't for the faint of heart. There are a lot of bad apples out there who will prey upon those desperate to get anything into print. The well-written authors are stymied by the dregs that have been produced and given away for free so that the average reader had equated poorly written with self-published. They have to work hard to rise above an image they did not create.

TMP Books can help a ready-writer who might need a little help negotiating the self-publishing channels. I know the owner personally. She's a best friend. She knows the industry. She was once my traditional publisher. I know she's honest and fair, and I know her heart. She's one of the gatekeepers that helps indie publishers set a higher standard. She's going to be truthful with you about your work. She's going to edit it and polish it and make it the best it can be for the writer. And she'll be honest with you and tell you if you're not ready to publish.

She doesn't overcharge, and she doesn't overprice a book once it's published.

Can you tell that I'm a little passionate about indie-publishing? I'm not against it. Christian publishing has fought a battle since its inception to rise above the first impressions.

TMP is working to raise the bar for self-published writers because when all writers study the craft and publish good work, the industry as a whole benefits.

Author of the Amazing Grace Series, 
the Ties that Bind Series, The Art of Characterization, and more

Freelance Testimonials

Tracy designed a gorgeous professional one-sheet and business cards for me. She skillfully implemented information from my website and reflected my personality in every design she created. Do her talents never cease? Tracy Ruckman is the first person I will ask to create promotional materials for my ministry from now on!
Author, Speaker

Mrs. Ruckman exceeded our expectations in all areas. We plan to utilize her services in the future and highly recommend Tracy Ruckman for any writing project you may have.
                     ~ John T. Stamps III
                     The Stamps Law Group

Tracy Ruckman helped with many of my published books. I counted on her to spot weaknesses in characterization that I had not seen, and her editorial insights made my words shine.
                           Virginia Smith
Award-winning, best-selling Author

Tracy Ruckman is an outstanding editor. She has looked at many of my manuscripts and I have been impressed with her thoroughness and insight. Tracy seems to see things that others miss. She is quick to "hear" an author's voice and picks up on inconsistencies. Tracy is also quick to let authors know what touches her heart or tickles her funny bone. I highly recommend Tracy for editing work!
Author, Speaker

I highly recommend Tracy Ruckman and her editing skills. She did a very detailed five chapter edit for me, and I was so pleased with it that I have already asked her to edit the rest of my WIP when I finish the rewrites. She is very helpful and thorough and encouraging. Plus her prices are very reasonable! So what are you waiting for? Sign her up to edit your baby!

Tracy Ruckman took on the challenge of our projects with enthusiasm and dedication to the work and produced quality content on time...a top-notch writer and editor.
                               ~  Kathe Nielsen
                             Director, Content
                               OnlineGuru, Inc.

Tracy Ruckman critiqued the opening chapters of my first novel in a thorough and constructive way. I found her detailed analysis to be both encouraging and insightful—pinpointing my weaknesses and constructive and challenging in her comments. I look forward to working with her and highly recommend her work.
~ Beverly Lindbo

Emails are flying through the writing community, spreading the word about Tracy Ruckman's critiquing skills. Tracy delivered thorough insight on a portion of my manuscript. I'm impressed by Tracy's professionalism and reliability. Tracy is an asset to all writers!
                                                          ~  Laurie Crown

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