Monday, March 5, 2018

Survey Results in Change

A few weeks ago, we asked writers to take a short survey on publishing services. We analyzed the results, examined our services, and today, I'm delighted to announce that we've made some changes based on that survey and on our interactions with clients and their needs.

Effective today, we now offer the following services and rates:

One Book Publishing Package

Previously, we offered three different publishing packages, but when we'd begin working with clients, we realized they all basically needed the same services.

So we streamlined and now we offer only one book publishing package, which includes:

  • Book production and publication in both print and digital formats
  • Two ISBNs and Barcode
  • Formatting and Interior Design for Print and Digital
  • Distribution
  • Accounts Set for Author Control and Management
  • Free Full Cover Design (up to three images)

This package offers authors 100% royalties.

We know the publishing journey can be a little scary, especially to new writers. Our book publishing package comes with VIP service for that very reason - we walk each author through every step of the process, answering questions and explaining details as needed.

Our survey results showed that clients want lower prices (don't we all?) so we've lowered our prices!

Our new price is only $899 - a $600 savings over the previous package, and includes the cover design for free (another $250 savings)!

If price is still a concern, please ask about our convenient installment plans.

Marketing Package

Authors want and need marketing help, but won't pay thousands to get it. We decided to offer a basic package without too many bells and whistles to keep the cost affordable.

Our Marketing Package, for only $200, includes:

  • Two press releases written and distributed locally and globally
  • One video book trailer (up to 2 minutes in length)
  • Six custom memes promoting your book for use on social media
  • 25 Tweets written about your book, website/blog
  • Six months of Social Media sharing about your book


Survey respondents were split on editing costs - some felt editing should be included in the publishing package, others did not.

Because editing is so specific, we can't offer it for a flat rate. Every manuscript requires different levels of edits, so edits must be priced based on the manuscript's needs, not on the actual service. But to help writers plan and budget, we now provide a price range of two to five cents ($0.02-$0.05) per word.

If the manuscript sent to us is a first draft (or 20th) and has not been through a critique group or a prior edit, most likely, your editing costs will be in the higher range. On the other hand, if your manuscript has made the rounds in a critique group, your costs may fall in the lower range.

Individual Services

We still offer individual services for writers who need them. See our Services & Rates page for all the details.

Make Your Publishing Dreams a Reality!

We love helping writers make their publishing dreams a reality and we would love to work with you. We're also willing to customize a quote for you, if you have specific publishing needs not addressed with our packages or individual services.

Please e-mail us or use the Contact form if you have questions or if you're ready to start publishing that book!

Survey Results in Change

A few weeks ago, we asked writers to take a short survey on publishing services. We analyzed the results, examined our services, and today, ...