Thursday, November 29, 2018

Announcing Contest for Child Storytellers

UPDATE: We're sad to report we did not have enough entries to complete the contest. But don't let that discourage you and your kids from writing and illustrating those stories! 


We're excited to announce a new contest today, involving the new Young Storyteller's Prompt and Draw Series of children's books from Tracy Ruckman.

From today, December 1, 2018 through Friday, January 11, 2019, parents or legal guardians may submit their child's completed Prompt and Draw book for a chance to win professional publication of that book. The parents/guardians and child will retain all rights to the book. There is no entry fee, other than the original purchase of the book.

To Enter: 

Your child, age 5-12 years old during the contest period, should write and illustrate their own story in any of the twelve books in the Prompt and Draw series. The child may use crayons, markers, paint, and/or pens or pencils (colored or not). The child should also illustrate the cover to fit their story.

When the child has completed the story and illustrations, parent should take photographs of the first three pages of the story and illustrations.

E-mail us those three images by January 11, 2019. The e-mail address is: In the e-mail, please include the following information:

your name
your role (parent or legal guardian)
your e-mail address
your shipping address (will not be disclosed)
child's name
child's city
child's age and birthdate (Birthdate will not be disclosed - requested only for purposes of contest rules)

Judging criteria:

Overall story and illustration quality

We're not looking for perfect art, perfect writing, perfect story. We know and expect this to be a child's true work, which is art in and of itself. We'll be looking for a story and illustrations that can be conveyed professionally while still retaining the child's work.

Finalists will be chosen and will be contacted by e-mail on or before January 31, 2019. Finalists will be required to submit more photographs of the book.

The winner (parent, guardian) will be contacted by e-mail on or before February 15, 2019.

TMP will then request the winner to mail us the book. We will provide a pre-paid label
and envelope for the book to be shipped to us. The book will be returned at the end of the contest.

From the child's book, we will create a new book, using your child's story and illustrations, to publish a professional product. This means we will typeset your child's words and digitally enhance the images - the process will vary, based on the quality and method of the original illustrations.

Then we will publish the book like we've published hundreds of others. The winner's name will be on the cover of the book, the copyright in the winner's name, and the winner's parents/guardians will retain all rights to the book. If approved by the parent/ guardian, the book will also be made available on Amazon for public consumption, under the control of the parent/guardian, so all royalties and sales are the responsibility of the parent/guardian. TMP Books assumes no responsibility for the payment of royalties.

We reserve the right to end the contest without declaring a winner.

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